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Growing up on an alpaca farm was a wonderful adventure for me. Like any farm, there was hard work and moments of heart ache, but this was the lifestyle I dreamt of sharing with my own children one day. My parents, Jim and Margaret Brewster were a part of the founding group of investors that brought the first alpacas into Canada. Together, we have 33 year of experience behind Brewster Alpacas and we have had the incredible opportunity to live through the amazing evolution of the industry.

Alpacas are more than just livestock to our family. They are important members that bring enjoyment to our daily lives and that’s something we love to share. My Granny knew the importance of connecting people with these gentle animals and the bit of joy that it would bring to their day. When I was growing up, she would help us take our alpacas on regular visits to local schools and nursing homes. Our Alpacas also filled the role of pack animals that carried our favorite teddy bears and picnics lunches to our secret location in the woods. We have dressed up many alpacas and strolled through summer parades in full costume. It didn’t matter what we were doing, we often had an alpaca at our side.

We are very proud to be second-generation Alpaca breeders here at Brewster Alpacas. We are excited that we have the opportunity to give our daughters, Sydney & Lily, an authentic farm childhood and love for life that alpacas bring to our family.